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opposite Tescos Windsor
300 Dedworth Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 4JR
Telephone: 01753 840511

Windsor Laundry Facility

Doing the laundry - who enjoys it? Let's face it not many people - of all household chores it is the one most people would complain about. If you have been searching for a Windsor Laundry Facility place then Wash Windsor Laundrette is the place for you to come and do your laundry in peace - with coin-operated laundry machines large and small - we can fit most types of laundry in our machines. This Windsor Laundry opened opposite Tescos in Windsor in the summer of 2012 and has been serving the local Windsor community since then. Bring your laundry along and we can do it for you - a service wash or wash and dry or wash, dry and iron is somethign that we pride ourselves in. Take away the most hated chore from your list or your loved one and bring it down to Wash Windsor today!

windsor laundry

Wash Windsor Laundrette on Dedworth Road - call them 01753 840511 - free parking available.



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